Why it is important to wash your hands after using the bathroom?

We all know the drill: wash your hands after you use the bathroom. As simple as this rule may seem many skip this cardinal rule. This could be because we are too lazy to do it, or we don’t understand why washing our hands is that important. We’ve put together the reasons why it is important to wash your hands after using the bathroom.

Prevents illnesses and the spread of infections

Washing your hands with soap will ensure that you remove the germs from your hands. This is important because people frequently touch their eyes, nose, and mouth without realizing it. This is one way for germs to infect the body and make us sick. These germs are then easily transferable. In certain food and drink, germs can multiply and make people sick. Touching your eyes and skin with germs picked up from the bathroom can result in skin and eye infections. Washing your hands has many health benefits.

Harmful to children

Children can easily get sick if not protected from harmful bacteria and germs. Because children don’t have fully developed immune systems they aren’t able to fight off infections as effectively as an adult would. Washing your hands and your child’s hands, with soap, after using the bathroom will protect them from being sick with diarrhea and respiratory infections like pneumonia.

Hand washing is a lifesaving routine

Washing your hands after using the bathroom can save lives. As some bacteria have proven to be vicious and endanger your life and others. This isn’t the perfect infection prevention solution but it is a good form of protecting yourself and others from possible infection.

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