Top 7 uses for Pine Gel

Pine gel is a multi-purpose cleaner with made from a mixture of pine oil and surfactants. This product can be used to disinfect multiple surfaces and products. Read about the top 7 uses for pine gel below:


Pine gel can be used to clean table and counter tops. The gel can be used to remove any food stains from food preparation surfaces in commercial and residential kitchens.

Floor surfaces

Pine gel can be used to clean a variety of floor surfaces. It can be used on floor surfaces such as tiles and concrete. Pine gel is also safe for use on sealed wooden flooring and laminated wood.


Sinks are constantly used to clean other products, but what are you using to clean your sink? Pine gel can be used to make your sink look and smell fresh and clean.


You can use pine gel to get rid of those impossible stains on your paintwork. Whether you are using it on your interior or exterior walls, you can be sure that pine gel will remove any marks and leave your paintwork looking brand new.

Rubbish bins

Rubbish bins are renowned for their stench. If you don’t want the stench to linger, clean your bins with pine gel. The gel will neutralize the smell and keep your home odor free.


Pine gel is so versatile that it can even be used to clean your laundry. If you’re ever struggling to get rid of tough stains on your clothing, use a mixture of pine gel and water to get rid of them quickly and easily.


Pine gel can also be used on toilet seats and in toilet bowls to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and looking clean.

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